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Elliott Business Software -
The Perfect ERP Solution for Macola® Accounting Users

For years, Macola® software has been one of the leading ERP software solutions for companies throughout the U.S. Beginning in the 1980s, Macola accounting modules offered companies a way to automate and streamline their internal accounting processes with accuracy and speed. Later, as computer technology evolved, Macola software did as well.

A solution your business
can grow with!

Yet with all the benefits that Macola accounting and other modules have brought to their customers, it also faces the challenge of change and taking on different directions as it tries to move into the future. If you’re a Macola customer who is concerned with the future changes, consider the benefits of Elliott Business Software.

A Solution From The Same Family

Developed originally in 1999 as a derivative of Macola Progression 6, Elliott Business Software provides customers with features similar to Macola. This means less training time for your staff – if they know Macola, they’ll know Elliott.


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Low Risk Migration Path

Many companies have experienced a severe conversion problem after transitioning to a new ERP software product. In fact, switching ERP software is such a daunting task that many companies avoid it entirely – even though they know that their current system will not be the best fit. But with Elliott’s conversion utility, your transition to your new ERP software will be surprisingly easy and low risk.

A Cost Effective Alternative

If you’re considering changing ERP software products, contact us today for a free demonstration. We’re a cost-effective alternative and offer a variety of products for every size business. What’s more, if you’re a Macola customer, we can make the transition easier than you ever imagined possible!

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