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EDI with Elliott SPS Services (ESS) - A Cost-effective, Efficient, & Automated Solution.

EDI with Elliott SPS Services (ESS)

Elliott offers an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution by partnering with SPS Commerce. SPS is a leading EDI solutions provider. We offer Elliott SPS Services (ESS), which is a cloud solution that converts data back and forth between SPS Commerce (XML format) and Elliott (TXT format). While you will continue receiving support from us for Elliott-related EDI issues, you will be supported by SPS for EDI issues that do not involve Elliott. Both parties are committed to providing you with the highest quality support possible. This solution lets SPS do what they do best -- EDI. And it allows NETcellent to focus on what we do best -- Elliott. This results in a perfect EDI solution for Elliott Business Software users.

EDI with Elliott SPS Services (ESS) offers many advantages compared to the traditional EDI mapping solution. There are no upfront, expensive third-party software like ECS & Delta required and no yearly recurring maintenance. There is no EDI server hardware, ongoing IT maintenance or AS2 certificate exchanges required. Because there is no EDI mapping required with ESS, it results in less start-up costs and lower risks if you need to start using ESS as an integrated EDI solution.

Furthermore, if you can't afford the already lower entry fee for an integrated EDI solution with ESS, you can start with an inexpensive entry level solution, like SPS Web Forms. Rest assured that as your EDI business picks up with a particular trading partner, you can convert to the ESS integrated solution with automation.

How Does ESS Integrate with SPS Commerce?

1. Trading partner sends PO (850).
2. SPS Commerce receives PO and makes it available on Web Form portal.
3. SPS Converts PO to Universal Connector (XML format).
4. SPS Places XML files in their SFTP Server.
5. ESS periodically scans SPS SFTP server and converts XML to TXT files and archives the files.
6. ESS transfers TXT files to Elliott user's FTP of SFTP server.
7. Elliott user imports TXT files to sales order using Sales Order Import.
8. 855 (Order Acknowledgement) TXT files can be created automatically upon sales order import.
9. Other TXT files can be exported by users, including 856 (ASN), 810 (Invoice) or 846 (Inventory Advise).
10. ESS periodically scans user's FTP/SFTP server and converts TXT files to XML format and archives the files.
11. ESS transfers outgoing XML files to SPS SFTP server.
12. Any exceptions that can't be handled through integration can be handled by users through Web Form portal.

ESS is provided as a service on month-to-month basis without a long-term contract. For each trading partner, a one-time implementation fee is required. The monthly services are charged by number of EDI trading partners. You can remove a trading partner from your interface and reduce your monthly service fee. EDI Specific technical support is included as part of the service. See details here.

The ESS solution integrates with Elliott Business Software through the Sales Order Import, Sales Order Export and Shipment Verification utilities. Third party label software may be needed. To learn more about EDI with ESS, contact us at 888-595-3818, or email us at