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Integrated Internet Solutions

As the developers of the Elliott Business Software application, we have extensive knowledge regarding back-end business applications, but it doesn't stop there. We have designed and implemented major e-Commerce and e-Business websites that link directly to the Elliott back-end application.

Through the development of these websites, we were able to develop the expertise for ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Web Services, IIS Server, and more.

Our knowledge of the Internet and business applications can guide you through all your e-Business and e-Commerce planning to help your company utilize the power of the Internet effectively.

If you require a more sophisticated e-Commerce/e-Business solution that integrates to the back-end Elliott application, consider our Internet Solutions: eStore.NET, Yahoo Store Integration, eOrders.NET and Reseller Near You Search.

The following are Elliott Internet Solutions:

Yahoo Store Integration
Reseller Near You Search