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We apologize, but we no longer offer Elliott Firearms Dealer Software. Instead, we now provide an integrated firearms solution for distributors, manufacturers, or importers. If you fall into any of those categories, please visit our Firearm Software Page.

Gun Software For Firearm Dealers

Increase Productivity and
be BATF Compliant!

Firearms-Shotgun for hunting

The Firearms Solution Provides the Following:

Serial Number Tracking That Conforms to BATF Requirements
Point of Sale
Customer Wish List
Barcode Support
Integrated Accounting & Inventory Solution


Who's Using Elliott Firearms Software?

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ProForce -

Serial Number Tracking That Conforms to BATF's Requirements

Stop manually updating your Bound Book! Let Elliott Firearms Dealer Software track serial numbers for you from receiving to point of sale. It is faster compared with using the traditional Bound Book. You will be able to search serial numbers and respond to BATF inquiries instantly. In recent years, BATF has encouraged firearms dealers to automate their bound book. The Elliott Gun Dealer Software will make audits by the BATF easier and more efficient.

Elliott is optimized for barcode scanning, which makes the tracking of serial numbers accurate and efficient.

The system can track pending sales items allowing you to better process hand guns that are sold but cannot be picked up until days later.

Elliott allows you to link and organize stored electronic documents, like a scanned form 4473, and retrieve them easily within Elliott. This reduces your paper storage burden.

Point of Sale

Elliott Point of Sale contains a powerful customer relationship management system. You can track customer interest of items. For out of stock items, you can put customers on a wish list. You can use the statistics collected in Point of Sale to make future purchases. Elliott Point of Sale optionally integrates with all major credit card processors.

Customer Wish List

Customers can be notified when you receive an out of stock item. With the press of a button, a customer wish list can be created. When the specific item is received, an e-mail can be sent to you or directly to your customer.

Barcode Support

The system supports barcode label printing. You can also enter the item UPC, either manually or with a scanner, throughout the Elliott system to help with receiving, selling, physical count, or inquiry.

Integrated Accounting & Inventory Solution

Elliott is a complete accounting and inventory solution. This same software is used by major firearms distributors and importers, but now is available to firearms dealers at a more affordable price.

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Gun Software for Firearms Distributors, Importers, & Manufacturers

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