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Actian Backup Agent™

Delivers clean backups every time

No one wants to lose a Website sale because the customer order system was being backed up. Actian Backup Agent lets you keep your PSQL databse up and running in Continous Operation mode when a backup is made.

When a failure happens, your backup has integrity and consistency. All databases require complex "housekeeping" tasks to be performed during a backup when the database is open. Backup Agent takes care of these tasks.

Backup Agent is simple to use. Simply launch Backup Agent in one of three ways:

Graphically through the Backup Agent Graphical User Interface
Scripted from a command line
Embedded in an application

Backup Agent is compatible with your existing backup software such as Veritas Backup Exec and CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup. Backup Agent keeps all open files safe without manual updates to file lists. This is all done automatically. Backup Agent guarantees that you backup a consistent set of data every time.

For more product information, visit Actian's website at If you have any questions or need pricing, feel free to contact us at 888-595-3818, or email us at