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Elliott Business Software - Supported EDI Mappings

NETcellent can create and implement an EDI map for any trading partner quickly and efficiently. In addition, NETcellent provides support for each map and UCC label. Take advantage of the power of Elliott and EDI. We provide a high level of automation for many EDI transactions, including:

Invoice - Export and instantly send your invoices directly to your trading partner(s) using Elliott's Sales Order Export Utility.

Purchase Order - Accept your trading partner's purchase orders. Let Elliott generate sales orders quickly and conveniently using the Sales Order Import Utility.

Advance Shipping Notice - Provide a notice of inventory shipment to your customers (UCC 128 Label) using the Elliott Sales Order Export Utility and the Shipping Verification function.

Purchase Order Acknowledgement
Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement / Request
  830: Planning Schedule with Release Capability
  846: Inventory Inquiry / Advice
  875: Grocery Products Purchase Order
Grocery Products Invoice
For more information, visit our EDI page. Contact NETcellent to learn more about our EDI mapping services.